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Let us plan and cater your next private event... small Party, private in-home class


     Since 2007, Big Belly Catering has served Inland Empire area locals with inexpensive catering and personal chef services. With our innovative designs and wide array of different cuisines available , we can help you plan a private event and offer you a memorable experience. Whether Chinese, Spanish, Indian, Japanese or Mediterranean cuisine or even if you would like a pasta station, sushi station, ice cream station or beverage station, we can make it happen.


We specialize in creative, custom catering menus and offer vegetarian and vegan menus as an added option. We also offer meal deals. Once a week your meal is delivered to you in microwave and/or oven safe containers with easy and precise directions on how to reheat and serve. Whatever your small event, private party or in-home cooking class, we can make it the most special. 

We provide the highest level of service, freshly made cuisine, and delicious desserts. You tell us what you want and we'll make it happen for you and your guests. No menu is limited. Whether you would like a choice cut of beef or a piece of Wagyu, we are able to offer a selection on a piece of protein to to fit within your budget. Whatever your tastes, our chef will design the menu you're looking for.